Review Policy

Howdy everyone!

My review policy is fair and simple, and I think it works for everyone.

My email address is You can contact me here regarding any reviews you want me to do.

  • I ONLY accept physical copies of books, Ebooks are not accepted. Because Ebooks<Physical Books. I will also specify in the review that I received the copy.
  • I don’t like limiting myself, but Erotica is not my thing. Also, it doesn’t cater to my audience. Also, Romance doesn’t work. Sci-fi, Thriller, Historical Fiction, YA, Mythology, Graphic Novels, Fantasy, Mythology are all welcome!
  • If you send me your book to review, I will definitely review it here, no matter what my opinion is on it. It will take me around 2-3 weeks to read and review. If I LOVE the book, I will tweet about it, Facebook it, Snapchat it, and upload it on Instagram. I have 500+ followers on all these sites. I might also rant about it on Quora, where I have 1m+ views. I also add books I read on GoodReads regularly. If your books are related to feminism, you can expect a review on Feminism In India, a blog where I’m a writer. I also review on Amazon, Flipkart etc. I’m also a part of several book clubs online and offline where I would recommend it.
  • I’m a nice person, and I’ll be a good girl even if I don’t like the book. I’ll be polite, but I’ll be sarcastic.
  • The best way to contact me is through my E-mail: Otherwise you can also contact me on my social media. I’m on all big social media sites. I’m @ChiyaGiitanjali on Twitter, @sorenandsons on Instagram. I’m very active on these two, so they’re one of the best ways to reach me.
  • I will respond to each and every review request.

Thank you everyone, that’s about it. Let’s have a fun time reading!