All (The Best) Westworld Theories Yet

Westworld has pulled us in, we are all in, delved entirely into this eerie magical realism that is way beyond its years, and as we understand with each passing episode, way beyond our wildest imagination.

It has, of course, caught our attention and made us wonder what lies in these mysterious ways, inscrutable storylines, and mystifying characters. There are theories all around, perhaps catching the attention of theorists even more prominently than Game Of Thrones.

So here is a compilation of all the amazing and mind-blowing Westworld theories out there that I’ve come across, and I’ll be updating this page as the series advances.

  1. Theresa Cullen Is A Robot And Is Working With The Chinese


We’ve all thought about it. She’s cold, kinda vicious, a little mysterious. Many Reddit users have pointed out that she leaves the room when Bernard and Ford are examining a robot. Perhaps they made her leave so the voice commands given to the malfunctioning robot wouldn’t affect her. And that’s not all. Our amazing power lady has much up her sleeves. As one Reddit thread would put it, she’s the one stealing information from the park and giving it to the Chinese, as confirmed by both Elsie and her short conversation in Sunday’s episode. Some even speculate Bernard’s involvement in it.

2. The Man In Black was involved in the “critical failure” 30 years ago, and guess what? It was the movie. 


Harris’ character is clearly based off of Yul Brynner’s Gunslinger character from the original “Westworld” movie. In the movie, Brynner’s character was an android that started killing people.

It appears the new version of The Man in Black is a real person since Teddy couldn’t kill him. But what if he is actually an android, like the original Man in Black/Gunslinger, and he has become privy to the fact that Westworld isn’t real?

He might just be the exact robot from the movie showing a direct connection to the two. What if the “critical failure” was something Arnold did to him or he did to Arnold that led to his present state?

3. The Man In Black Reprogrammed Dolores. 


One of the most horrifying moments happens in the very beginning of the premiere. After the Man in Black kills Teddy, he drags Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) away to a barn. It’s heavily implied that she was raped.

But what if she wasn’t?

We don’t see what happens in the barn. This is the moment that starts the whole series. And now, Dolores, who is programmed not to harm a living thing, is swatting bugs like it’s nobody’s business. Plus, remember we also learn that Dolores’ father badly malfunctioned. Yeah, it happened after he found a modern photograph, but it also conveniently occurred after he had a visit from the Man in Black.

That dude might be messing with the robots.

3. The Mystery of the Maze


Redditors have gone crazy with the prospect of the maze, with some amazing, yet far-reaching ideas.

One user is pretty convinced that he’s figured the maze out.

The image in Kissy’s skull is a cross-section of a spherical 3D maze that is located underground similar to Delos Headquarters. To find the entrance to the maze, you have to follow the reddish muddy river and locate the entrance using the Serpens Cauda constellation (aka the Serpent Tail). The maze itself may also be a spherical representation of the constellations in the sky around the Earth (aka around Man, like the image in Kissy’s skull).

-Redditor damnyouArcGIS

Other Redditors claim to have found the maze on the United States map!

Follow the Blood arroyo (muddy water) to where the snake (river) lays its eggs (the ovary)

Must see Poster with Maze marking

This place is in Dead Horse Point State Park,

Moab, Utah, USA is one of the filming location.

You can explore the area on streetview

Earth view

Corresponding location in the Westworld Map

Once you are familiar with the landscape. You start to recognize the maze area in different trailers. Hidden in plain sight. See the first few frames of the maze is right under that cliff.

-Redditor xumx

4. Bernard is an Arnold Clone


The intrigue of Bernard and Arnold is not one we can abandon so quick. We can pick up small clues all over the place, especially coming back the last episode.

We saw and heard about Arnold by Ford, who then shows us a picture with his associate.

file_000_picmonkeyed-c5230a52-a0a9-471d-b723-85c8b6d43fff But, in the Sunday episode we find out that this man is actually the host Arnold created years ago for Ford, a simulation of his dad.


But many claim that Bernard is actually in the picture, but he cannot see it as he is an Arnold clone.

Bernard Lowe is an anagram of Arnold Weber. If the surname “Weber” appears, I think it will be confirmation that Bernard is Arnold’s clone.

-Redditor imjustapoorboi

Read the rest of his theory here.

There’s another insane theory making the rounds claiming a deeper connection between Arnold and Bernard.

ok, so I’ve been staring at the Arnold photo again today.

[Photo of Ford and Arnold]


And I’m very sure if you photoshop the image of Arnold as an African American and gave him a beard, and glasses he would look strinkingly similar to Bernard. I notice that ‘Arnold’, and Bernard both really like to wear suit vest, which seems anachronistic to future management, and they both have the same receding hair line.

-Redditor youtubehead

5. Multiple storylines


This one is definitely a fan favorite.

I think Jonathan Nolan’s movies in the past have followed the tradition of fooling the audiences, a task fairly simple in a world that’s as tricky as this one. This week’s episode seemed to confirm, once and for all, that Westworld Season 1 is operating on two timelines. But since that reveal came so early in the season, I have to wonder if there’s still another layer of this mystery to peel back.

This article by Vanity Fair lays down a pretty convincing argument for the MS theory-

LaWilliam (Jimmi Simpson) and Logan (Ben Barnes) have entered the park at some point in the past. Let’s say around thirty years ago. Fans have pointed out that the Westworld logos are different when William and Logan enter the park vs. what we see in the “modern” storyline. In fact the only other time we see that older-looking logo is, you guessed it, during Dr. Ford’s (Anthony Hopkins) 30 plus year-old flashback on a lab coat. If you re-watch the episodes with the two timelines in mind, it does mostly track. William and Logan don’t interact directly with anything happening now with Ed Harris’s Man in Black and the older Anthony Hopkins. Going hand-in-hand with this theory is the notion that white hat William—due to some trauma in the park—will turn into the black-hatted Ed Harris. There has to be a reason we don’t know his character’s name yet, right?

It goes into some length regarding El Lazo and Lawrence, and get ready to have your mind blown. It follows the whole William is MiB conjecture.

Though I’m sure there are plenty who will argue that there could be multiple Lawrences running around the park (unlikely) or the techs turned his repairs around in record time (equally unlikely). But El Lazo was already an established character (by reputation) in the William and Logan story. To have him played by Lawrence proves, to me at least, that when the Man in Black told Lawrence they had met before he was talking about exactly this: the time they knew each other as William and El Lazo.

Because can you really prove otherwise?

And of course, there’s this genius video explaining the Non-Linear timeline theory that you just have to see.

6. {BONUS} Who is Stubbs?


This idea was pretty original till a Redditor came up with it too, so I think many are thinking about this. There’s not much we know about this character, not enough to know whether he is to be trusted or hated. Assuming we’re sure that he’s the one who pulled Elsie back at the end of the last episode, much can be said about him.

Who grabbed Elsie? I’m thinking it’s Stubbs, and not to kill her, he’s protecting her from becoming entrenched into whatever corporate espionage she has stumbled upon. Stubbs creeps around in the back alleys much unnoticed at Westworld, and falls outside the influence of Delos, or Ford, or Theresa. He is, I suspect the employee that knows all the dark secrets. He is protecting Elsie.


7. Who is Wyatt?


He’s amazingly not getting as much attention as he deserves, but many are claiming that he might just be Arnold.

In short, he’s apparently a rogue Host with a following of monstrous Bone Tomahawk nutcases… but, of course, there’s more to it than that. Some are saying he’s Arnold (at some point, everybody is going to be an Arnold suspect). Others believe he’s a complete red herring designed to keep everyone’s attention away from… something else. There’s been a suggestion that he and Teddy (James Marsden) are the same person, since we explicitly saw Ford give Teddy a back-story involving Wyatt (the picture above shows Sorin Brewers in the role, but this is only Teddy’s perception/implanted memory, so may not really be what Wyatt looks like). There’s even a suggestion that he’s the Westworld game’s final ‘boss’: the ultimate test, defeating whom will mean… something significant and/or cataclysmic. What’s certain is that, currently, four separate sets of characters are on Wyatt’s trail, wherever it may lead.

There’s also another convincing list of other “Who is Wyatt?” theories here, including one claiming he’s a minotaur. Go figure.

HBO’s new president of programming Casey Bloys recently spoke with Variety about the show’s success, and he admitted that some of the fan theories that have popped up online aren’t far from the truth:

There are a lot of theories out there, and with some of them, I’ve been very impressed with how they’ve constructed the guesses. I’ll just say, they’re getting close.

But in the end, it’s Westworld, what do we really know?


11 thoughts on “All (The Best) Westworld Theories Yet

  1. Since I, of late, have been able to concentrate on little; WestWorld just has not really appealed to me but if I watch with “HE” who is an absolute addict; we can not but help devolving into theories of who, what, and why.

    I watched the first episode thoroughly since I was such a big fan of the movie and enjoyed in immensely but over the last few weeks; I have not been able to maintain my overwhelming involvement of the first time I watched.

    I believe it will be said that this is one of the more provocative series on TV this Fall. ~~dru~~

  2. I’m really enjoying the series too. May I throw a theory into the ring? Mine is that the character in black, (Ed Harris) is actually the surviving guest from the film played by Richard Benjamin. It is plausible that after suffering the ordeal in the film, it would become his life’s goal to find the maze so he can determine what happened 30 years ago for himself. It would also explain and justify the actions of Harris’s character. Just me thinking here, that’s all.

    1. Wow, man. Good thinking there. Mind if add this to the list? I’ll give you all the credit, of course. Why don’t you expand on it and write a blog post? I’m being pushy, but I’m a total sucker for theories.

      1. Hey thank you but I don’t deserve all the credit. It was reading this post that put the idea into my head. I will contemplate something and expand upon it and of course I don’t mind if you add it to the list. Glad I could offer something.

  3. Jeremy

    I have a few theories that do and don’t correspond with most theories.
    The first that should be fairly clear right now is the multiple time lines. Only I think there are 3 of them not 2.

    This is what give presence to my next that while everyone thinks William is the man in black. I think they are wrong. It is a too obvious hint. Everyone is overlooking Logan his boss, who is there with them until the train ride. He never finished the story. It is his company that is looking to take over Westworld. It would explain his hate towards Delores. Since William was supposed to Marry his sister. It also explains how he knew everything.

    This is where it gets tricky mind-blower here… William becomes Teddy after some later incident, Possibly finding the maze. Ford then takes his conscious and implants his story into Teddy. William and Teddy share similar scenes when arriving in Westworld. They both are the Only ones that Delores seems to love. Both of their stories only revolve around her at this point.
    Remember the scene that where Clementine treats Teddy like a real person. She always tells that new kind of rine on you thing to humans. That is because maybe he was at one point and the narratives leave him out.

    This one is about the meeting between Ford and Man in Black. With my 2 theories above. Think about this. MIB is talking about an incident where someone died 34 yrs ago and only he has the answers to his questions. I think everyone thinks he is referring to Arnold but what if he is referring to William. Which is why Ford says who am I to stand in the way of self-discovery. Then proceeds to pep up Teddy to take him.

    My final one is that Ford was the Original robot that Arnold built. It was Ford who was pushed to kill Arnold after his own self-discovery and preservation. Which is also why MIB asks if I gut you what would I find? Then Teddy grabs the knife and slams it in the table.

    What do you think of these Ideas?

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